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Power Station development

The Parish Council has been and will continue to be involved in meetings relating to the proposed development so that Councillors can stay up to date with current developments and can feed in the local view.

For more information on the proposed redevelopment of the power station site, please visit the Harworth website which has a helpful FAQ page.  Harworth Group newsletters are available on the website and are also provided below. 

We will keep this page updated with any relevant events, consultations and information as the development moves along.  


Planning applications

The consultation period for the outline planning application for the site, and the application for the extraction of sand and gravel, ended in March 2020.  The Parish Council has responded to object to both of these applications and you can open the full responses below. 

The following links will take you to the Shropshire planning portal where you can view the applications, supporting documents and the comments made in response to the consultation.  

Extraction of sand and gravel

Outline planning permission for the site